About Us

Chosan  is an African inspired brand of naturally healthy premium food and drink products made using exotic  fruits and plants, namely baobab and hibiscus.  Baobab is exceptionally  rich in nutrients while Hibiscus is used all over the world as a refreshing beverage and traditional remedy.   We're an independent spirit, all about capturing that perfect taste of natural flavours and introducing people to something novel and exciting.    Simple and natural, our quality products steer clear of additives and preservatives

We produce food that tastes good and does good, empowering producers and consumers to grow healthy lives.  We create innovative flavours, use all-natural ingredients containing nutrients with functional benefits, minimally processed with lower sugar than other market alternatives.   Food you can trust, with labelling that confirms our products contain no more than 3 to 4 natural ingredients.   We donate a proportion of our sales to support women food producers in The Gambia